Help me write a book/movie/TV show

A guy is driving down a familiar street to a familiar place.  He comes to a T intersection.  At the “top” of the T is a thickly wooded area.  To the left is his neighborhood, his home.  To the right is who cares.  He turns left, goes home.

The same guy is driving down the same street to the same place, at a later time.  He reaches the same intersection and sees a narrow dirt road directly across from him, extending into the woods.  He is fairly certain, but not 100% certain, that this road didn’t exist before.  Did someone just make it?  Is something weird going on?  Is he having a stroke?

Curiosity gets the better of him.  He forgoes his usual left turn and navigates his car down the dirt road, into the semi-darkness of the woods.

A.) What is this road and why does it exist?

B.) Where is it going?

C.) If this is a complete work of fiction, what is the long-term goal that we have initiated by introducing the road?


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