The complete Special Agent Dale Cooper case files.

February 2010

We Are the World 25 For Haiti: An Analysis as Long as That Crappy Title and the Actual Crappy Song, Too

January 2010

Words and Phrases that Sound Like Desserts
Teacher… Mother… Secret Lover
Did I Just Gain Respect for Jimmy Kimmel..?
Dexter Has (Had?) Cancer

December 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

November 2009

Bad Lieutenant “Remake” Trailer
Art From Beyond the 5th Dimension

October 2009

Is This Offensive?
Halloween Playlist

September 2009

Remake on Elm Street
Polanski Arrested
David Cronenberg to Remake His Own Remake of “The Fly”
I Think I Just Figured Out the Formula
“Paranormal Activity” trailer
My Home!  Where I Sleep, Where I Come to Play With My Toys!
“The Men Who Stare at Goats” Trailer

August 2009

New Trailers for “Wolfman” and “Avatar”
New “Venture Bros.,” New “Dexter”
The Meatout Gets a Makeover
New “Where the Wild Things Are” Trailer
Blogging with Dogs
25 Years of Burton

July 2009

Coens Drop Trailer for “A Serious Man”
This Can’t Possibly Work
David Lynch is So Awesome
It Feels Like 1990 All Over Again
The Reviews Section
For You Folks That Still Have Your Emusic Subscriptions

June 2009

The Face Maker

May 2009

One of my Best Songs, Part 6
Here There Be Downloads
John Locke: Bold Tragedy or Show-Destroying Misstep?  Or Neither?

April 2009

Universal Plans to Remake “Videodrome”
1.99 Millers Remix
Where Did They Test Market These?
Michael Emerson Reads “Little Boy Blue”
Songs You Love by Bands You Hate
Fox Screwing Over Whedon Again
Give Emerson an Emmy… or a Beating
Coming Soon
Your New Slogan
“Lost” and Castaneda
Free Stuff (Not Mine)

March 2009

Trailer for “Where the Wild Things Are”
I Ain’t Your Bloggin’ Monkey

February 2009

Colts Release Marvin Harrison
If I Were Ben, This Post Would Be Full of Lies

January 2009

Official FBI-approved Super Bowl Picks
Now is the Winter of our Discontent
“Coraline” Trailer
One of my Best Songs, Part 5
“Lost” Comes Back, Disappoints Everyone
Another List of Stuff
One of my Best Songs, Part 4
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is Not a Good Movie Title (And Other Observations)
News Break
One of my Best Songs, Part 3
One of my Best Songs, Part 2
One of my Best Songs, Part 1
Indie Band Names: The Continuing Crisis

December 2008

Christmas Interruptus
Annual Shutdown
“Let the Right One In”
“Nightmare” About Sums it Up
Football not yet a Science, Though Maybe it Should Be
Your Hands, and What They Tell the World About your Metalness
“Lost” News

November 2008

Band Names for Bands that Don’t Exist, and You’d Never Want to Hear Even if They Did
Atheism: Getting the Word Out
The Day I Decided to Never Read Camille Paglia Again
Aliases: 10 Stars in 6 Disguises
“Lost” Returning Jan. 21
Well That Was Fast
Brand New Funky President

October 2008

Halloween Listifying
Generic Blog
Smart Stuff
Trailer Round-Up Continues
“Synecdoche, NY” Trailer
Four More Remakes
Taking the Week Off
New Supernatural Shows Disappoint
DeNiro and Scorsese to Make New Movie, Give Fanboys Reach-arounds
Speculations from the Butt Area

September 2008

Movie – Music – Food
“The Burrowers” Trailer
Defending the Indefensible
Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Me
The Loudness Wars Claim a Major Casualty
Two Points From Victory
Sympathy for the Devil
The NFL: What the Hell?
When Good TV Goes Bad, Part Two

August 2008

“Suspiria” and “Poltergeist” to be Remade
You’re Doing it Wrong
Octopi, Jeebus
And Now for the Shocking Conclusion of “Those Guys are Totally Lying!”
Resurgence in Sightings of Mythical Monsters
Art and Empathy
Isaac Hayes Dies
An Infinite Number of Undergrounds
Important Message from the Dada/Spam Mail Frontier
Favre Traded to Jets, Cheeseheads Questioning Own Existence
More Cool Stuff from Comic-Con
State Fair Food: an Inventory
“Lost” Drops Another Bomb of Crazy at Comic-Con
Calling all Contrarians

July 2008

Consciousness Goes Mainstream in Hip-Hop
Finding Reasons for Failure
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Monk Plays Metal, Blogger Hops on Bandwagon
“Heroes” Fighting Outside their Weight Class
Videogames: Art or Artless?
The Gentle Amiability of “Corner Gas”
R.I.P. Brett Favre
Sports Movies that Hollywood will Never Make
The Geek Constitution
“Pineapple Express” Red Band Trailer
The Artistic Crisis of the Fresh Prince, and the Remakes Continue

June 2008

Spoiler Alert: At the End of this Post, I Die!
George Carlin Dies
E-mail: a Love Story
Coens Drop the Red Band Trailer for their Next Movie
Landmark Keystone Art – Well, at Least it’s Still on Keystone
Illness and Heightened Sensitivity
A Tale of Two Directors
The Sincerest Form of Flattery
“You Must Get That, it’s So You!”

May 2008

Learn More About Yourself through Indiana Jones
Whedon and Abrams Deliver New Shows, Geeks Wet Themselves
Help Me, Doc, I’ve Got a Bad Case of Sequelitis!
Boredom and Bloating in Jacksonville

April 2008

TV as Alternative Universes, Good and Bad Pizza Places (Now 100% Shark-Free)
Del Toro to Bring Us “The Hobbit”
I am not Dead
Measuring Rock

March 2008

A Band That’s Worth your Time
Happy Ending
Music Sub-Genres and Classic Movie Monsters: a Comparative Pictorial
One Other Reason your Vinyl Purist Claptrap Makes me Sick
Next Week They’ll be Remaking the US Version of “The Office”
Hollywood to Remake Entire History of Film
Apples and Oranges
Illness, Remakes, Fuck It

February 2008

And One More Thing that Makes Me Mad
Your Vinyl Purist Claptrap Makes Me Sick
Albums Pre-made for Failure
Writer’s Strike Expected to End, and “Lost” News
Bye Bye, Roy
The Elitists are Right, and the Music Industry Does Need to Die
The Super Bowl Fake Running Diary

January 2008

Next Up on the Remake-Go-Round
Association Game
Heath Ledger Quits Us
Goodies from the Underground
All Apologies
Wildcard Weekend and Bad, Bad Coaches

December 2007

Shutting Down for the Holiday Season
Tiny News Explosions
Michael Vick Gets 23 Months
We Don’t Need Another “Heroes”
Preparing to Go Post-Season

November 2007

Thomas Kinkade Must be Stopped
The Replacements vs. Monday Night Football
I’m a Sucker for Getting Sucker-Punched
The Beat that is Made of Spam
The Crush of Inevitability
Cary Tennis, Unadvised
Cary Tennis, Re-advised (Part 3 in a Continuing Series)
Strike Updates
Cary Tennis, Re-advised (Part 2 in a Continuing Series)
Writers of America, Unite… to Ruin our Weeknights
Cary Tennis, Re-advised (Part 1 in a Continuing Series)

October 2007

The Halloween Blowout Post! Everything Must Go!
Preserved in Glass
Gene-Splicing in the World of Horror
“I Am Legend”: the Story of a Property that will Never Get an Artistically Satisfying Big Screen Treatment (Sub-Title: I Really Could Have Come up with a Better Title for this Post)
Crown Their Asses
First That Uncredited Simpsons Role, Now This
Reclaiming My Nerdy Youth
Stop Repeating Yourself and Others
Stephen Jackson: Still Fucking Crazy
All Things Football
Rockstar are a Bunch of… Rock Stars

September 2007

Amoebas Will Eat Your Brain
Remix Review
Weekend NFL Picks
Organizing Grunge
Fine Line Between Love and Hate
FBI Agent vs. Sports Media
Waiting to be Fed
Thrash Metal Revival… Maybe

August 2007

Moriarty vs. the Zombie
Free Stuff
Hypocrisy on Cruelty, and the Album
Boredom on the Battlefield, a.k.a. Both Sides Have Run out of Ammunition in the Culture War
Don’t be Like Mike/Object Fetishism
Redirecting the Creative Juices
Press the Reset Button
Perfect Averageness (a.k.a. Trending Middleward)
Refuge of the Scoundrel

July 2007

A Trip, Trifurcated
Beg, Borrow, or Steal
IOU, and an Update
Trouble in the Big Leagues (a.k.a. the Ultimate Asterisk)
Oh, Ron Mexico – Whyja Doit?
Little Ideas to be Later Expanded into Fulsome Time-Wasters
Opinionated Art
A Perfect Day

June 2007

A Fleck of Kernel in the Back of the Throat
On Arbitrary Law
A Flatulent Blast of Old News
The Delicacies of the Cadaver
You Can Find Some Pretty Wonderful Things in the Trash
He Loved too Much
Somewhere (Else) in Time
Off-Season Dreaming
The Self-Reflective Self
Into the Grave
Culture Cannibal
Hello, Diane


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