Words and phrases that sound like desserts

1.  élan (e.g. “That élan is delicious and creamy.  …No?  What IS it called then?”)

2. chock-a-block (e.g. “Give me the Super Fudgy Chock-A-Block, I am tired of these pants fitting”)

3. curmudgeon (e.g. “One bearclaw and one curmudgeon, please”)

4. declare (e.g. “This declare is dexcellent”)

5. pi (e.g. “Mmmmm… pi”)

6. Snooki (e.g. “I’m gonna have just one more Snooki, and that’s The Situation”)

7. balaclava (e.g. “You can’t wear balaclava, it would make your hair sticky”)

8. wingko (e.g. “Wingko is a real dessert, you American moran“)

9. Tripleberry Nougat-Blasted Garden Weasel (e.g. “This list should have ended before you started making shit up”)


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