Did I just gain respect for Jimmy Kimmel..?

This site has a bunch of recent late night clips about the Leno/Conan flap.  Now, I am not a late night viewer.  My evening routine usually consists of clearing some things off the DVR (last night it was several episodes of “The Venture Bros.” and the entire NBC Thursday night slate), maybe playing some XBox, maybe surfing the internet, and in bed by 11ish to read or watch an episode of a show I’ve seen in its entirety 10+ times (“Seinfeld,” “Corner Gas”).  I occasionally will tune in for some “Daily Show” and “Colbert,” but I don’t care for the monologues+interviews+bad skits thing, as practiced by most any show with the word “Late” and/or “Night” and/or “Tonight” in the title.  That’s just me.

However, I do keep up with entertainment news, and I am in a general sense familiar with these gentlemen who have the name and chin, respectively, of my favorite Austrian-accented barbarian warrior.  And I’ve seen enough of both of their shows to feel comfortable saying that Leno is an unfunny hack, and Conan is not; and if I were going to choose one of them to continue running a long-time network cornerstone and ratings titan like “The Tonight Show,” it’d be the saucy redhead.  Then again, if it was up to me I’d shut down Subway in its entirety and transform every location to a combination Yats and Moe’s, but that apparently isn’t what America wants.  Network executives and pablum-masters like Leno are better at calculating the country’s entertainment needs than I am.  So I should probably keep my mouth shut and say that despite failing by any measure of actual worth as a comedian, and despite the fact that everybody paying attention to this mess now knows for sure that he is a huge dick, Leno will get better ratings than Conan when he re-assumes the mantle of “The Tonight Show,” and that will be that.  Commercial success triumphs, and bully for capitalism.

Well Jimmy Kimmel, of all people, isn’t taking it sitting down.  Watch the second clip on this page (same link that began this rant) and enjoy the uncomfortableness of Kimmel eviscerating Leno on his own show.  It’s just a shame so few people were watching it.


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