Bad Lieutenant “remake” trailer

Here it is. (Click on “trailer” to see the trailer – by default it loads a clip of the movie, rather than the full trailer.)

I am late on this because I’ve been trying to pretend it isn’t happening.  I mean – one of my favorite directors (Werner Herzog) does a remake of an unpleasant movie starring one of Hollywood’s most unreliable actors (Nic Cage) who is almost always in crap especially of late and also Xzibit is in there for some reason?  What the holy fuck is that?

But then I read two things: 1. The movie isn’t a remake or even a sequel, but rather an unrelated story with some barely-connected narrative concerns (yes, Cage does play a police lieutenant of questionable moral fiber); 2. Cage’s performance is being compared – favorably – with the insanity of Klaus Kinski in his prime.  So I had to go watch the trailer.  Twice.  And now I know that the number of times I will see this movie on opening day is one of these:

A. one time

B. half or less of a time

C. five or six times.

But there ain’t no zero on that list, Diane.  Y’all better know dat.


One Response to Bad Lieutenant “remake” trailer

  1. Richard says:

    The original is a very guilty pleasure…Keitel is _SUCH_ a degenerate. I loved it. It was much better than “CATS”.

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