Art from beyond the 5th dimension

I don’t usually post my visual art here, but I like this piece and this animation, so yeah.  Yesterday I did a piece of cover art for a death metal band’s concept album about the Lovecraft story, “At the Mountains of Madness.”  (Yes I know, I am a huge nerd.)  This animation represents the four main stages the piece went through: 1. rough sketch to get the composition down (what is this place? where is the huge monster? where do I put the tentacles, and how many of them?); 2. pencil and pen drawing (look, shit is all shaded and realistic-y now!); 3. first layer of digitally-added color (the basic hues are there but it’s flat like a comic book); and 4. the finished thing (darker! wetter! more abhorrent to the bounds of sanity!).  Anyhoo, here it is – or click for a slightly larger version.

Cover art for Cosmic Atrophy


4 Responses to Art from beyond the 5th dimension

  1. Ryan says:

    Dare I dream? Is this the album cover I think it is?

  2. It ain’t for us, if that’s what you’re thinking – but that is looming on my agenda. The big hurdle right now is that my drum set is filling up my entire music room and needs to be turn down/relocated, but I need to make some space in the garage to do that.

  3. Ryan says:

    So which lucky band is getting that gem up there, then? Nice work!

  4. Ryan says:

    Duh – just saw the band name under the pic. Sorry, carry on.

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