Is this offensive?

My good liberal sensors might just be poorly calibrated, but doesn’t this seem kind of offensive?  From’s listing of an obscure reggae album by Bigga Haitian:


The correct title is right there, emusic.  Binghi MAN.  Mr. Haitian may spell his first (er, nick-) name “Bigga,” but he doesn’t always have to type with a extremely cliched Jah-may-kon accent.

(By the way, this album is good.  Recommended, mon!)


3 Responses to Is this offensive?

  1. Shabba Rett says:

    Wow, they should fix that! You’re right though, whatever they call it, it’s a great album.

    Did you know Bigga Haitian put out a new album this year? I actually got it on emusic (and they spelled the title right) and it is AMAZING. Best work the man has ever done. The album is called Sak Pase on a label called Walkup Records. Every tune is a classic but my favorites are My Doorbell (a White Stripes cover!) and Gi Me Da Weed – a true ganja anthem if I ever heard one.

    If you’re a fan of reggae you gotta check it out! Big up Bigga Haitian!

  2. As a matter of fact, it was “Sak Pase” that led me to this find. I’d never heard of Bigga Haitian until I just recently read a review of “Sak Pase” on Achis’s reggae blog (linked in my sidebar). I found that album on emusic – then I found his other one and promptly downloaded it too, because both sounded great.

    So yeah, hell of an artist, and both albums are terrific.

  3. bandi says:

    not offensive… emusic has had wrongly tagged alot of music before… it may well be the info that was sent to them by the related parties…

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