New “Venture Bros.,” new “Dexter”


Hell yes, they are finally making more Venture Brothers episodes!  The trailer is about as random and faux-dramatic as you’d expect.  The only thing nagging at me is a serious lack of Brock Samson in that thing.  Don’t tell me the mullet is gone!

And this trailer for season 4 of “Dexter” ran at Comic-Con.  (Those who haven’t watched this show yet, but plan to, should stop reading now.)  I’m not sure about the “Dex as family man” element – hopefully they will deal with it creatively and let it go to some dark places occasionally.  That aspect of his life had more tension threaded through it in the first season than in 2 or 3.  The scene of him telling the baby he’s a killer is promising – more of that, please.  I am much more enthused about John Lithgow as the heavy, and anybody who saw “Blow Out” (with Travolta in the lead role and Lithgow as a  professional hitman fresh off his leash, with a penchant for wire strangulation) will probably agree with me.  It’s hard to believe if you’re most familiar with his hammy comedy work on “3rd Rock From the Sun,” but Lithgow can be an extremely creepy actor.  He might be a perfect enemy for Dexter.  Indeed, it would be interesting if he proved to be the mountain Dexter couldn’t scale – but we’re three-for-three so far in Dexter taking down his season arc big bads, so I’m guessing our hero will maintain his perfect batting average.

“The Venture Bros.” starts some time in November on the Cartoon Network.  “Dexter” returns on Showtime Sept. 27.


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