For you folks that still have your emusic subscriptions

The site has just added some huge chunks of music from the RCA Records and Sony back catalogues.  I just downloaded Gil Scott-Heron’s classic album “Pieces of a Man,” which is one of those “love to own it but not sure I want to pay new-CD-prices for it” things for me.  I plan to plunder this collection as mercilessly as my current subscription will allow.  I know this is part of the change that is jacking up subscription prices – hopefully you, like me, just renewed recently and have months ahead to enjoy this stuff at the usual rate, before they start yanking your wallet out through your nose.

I will also point out that while emusic’s new pricing plan screws over nearly everybody in most ways, here’s one way that it doesn’t: yours truly has four albums up on emusic that are stuffed with tracks (19, 19, 23 and 29 songs each).  And thanks to emusic’s new frustrating pricing policy, you can now download any one of these for 12 “credits” instead of the 19, 23, or 29 downloads it used to cost you.  So… there’s that.


2 Responses to For you folks that still have your emusic subscriptions

  1. Shae says:

    I had renewed in February so I’m doing good for while.

  2. Other stuff I downloaded thanks to this new deal: Springsteen’s “Nebraska,” Earth Wind & Fire’s best of. There’s a lot of good new stuff, although of course you have to pluck it from a deluge of mainstream misfires. They also have almost complete catalogs from artists I already own plenty of: Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, The Clash, etc.

    I still say they’re destroying their own brand and may be pricing themselves out of existence (and I may say more on that later, at length). However, there’s no denying that they have a lot more good music available to current subscribers today than they did two days ago.

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