Universal plans to remake “Videodrome”

The story is here on Ain’t It Cool News.  All I can say to this is… give me a fucking break.  Some movies are so distinctive and bizarre that there is no reason to ever remake them – they stand outside of time; they can’t be dated, exactly, because they were utterly anomalous to begin with.  “Carnival of Souls,” for example (can’t you see that Michael Bay-ed up with Scarlett Johannson as the buxom young dead lass, and modern rock hits of 2002 replacing the original lame-o organ score?  oh yes!); or “Blue Velvet” (what “Blue Velvet” needs is less Dennis Hopper acting like a freak and more Jessica Biel in her underpants, am I right, people?  …no, I am not.)  “Videodrome” is another such a movie, as are most by Cronenberg.  Universal: do the right thing and leave this in development hell.


One Response to Universal plans to remake “Videodrome”

  1. beetqueen says:

    Is Hollywood completely devoid of all original ideas? I am so sick and tired of remakes. Especially in the horror genre. With all the actually horrific things that go on in the world, why are there no good, original movies to be found.

    And while I’m on the subject, although I am not the biggest Kevin Bacon fan, the idea of remaking Footloose–well, that’s just freakin’ stupid. Let’s remake the Breakfast Club while we are at it…I’m sure some new 90210 starlets would really add to that and make it a new classic this modern (and creatively devoid) generation can relate to.

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