Songs you love by bands you hate

That’s right, I’m asking for reader contributions today. Here’s mine:

“In the City” by The Eagles.  I acknowledge that The Eagles are a talented bunch of guys with a strong sense of songcraft and a loyal following, but this guy summed it up best:

It’s also largely the fault of this pompous douche:

(I meant Don Henley, although Dennis Miller is also a first-rank pompous douche; it’s a douche twofer!  And this is Henley at his worst – one of his most awful songs with both fake funkiness AND Henley’s fake cool guy persona, where he fills his lyrics with out-of-date slang and acts like he’s REALLY ROCKING THE FUCK OUT.)

Despite The Eagles and how much they suck, they produced one song that I think is transcendent.  And it’s sung by the most annoying Eagle, Joe Walsh, who never did a single other thing I really like (although I’m borderline-OK with “Rocky Mountain Way”).  Here is the song in its best context: with the Warriors.


6 Responses to Songs you love by bands you hate

  1. Ryan says:

    Admittedly, this is based on information gleaned from Don Felder’s autobiography, so there could possibly an axe to grind. However, it would seem wise never to underestimate the douchness provided by Glenn Frey as well.

  2. themcp says:

    If forced to hear the Eagles, I don’t mind New Kid In Town… if only because it’s their most authentic sounding Parsons knockoff. Also if you edit Hotel California so that it is only the harmonizing guitar solo, I’m fine with that too.

    Also, U2 is a band I actively hate, but they have a handful of songs that I’ll cop to loving.

  3. U2 is a weird one for me. I hate their personality or image as a band, and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed one of their albums start to finish (some come closer than others, though). And some of their songs really drive me nuts – I could never figure out what people saw in “The Sweetest Thing” for instance; the hook is both saccharine and irritating. That song Edge sang (I want to say “Numb” from “Zooropa,” though I am too lazy to verify) is another example – just can’t stand it at all. Yet their best 5 or 10 songs are some of the best pop music we’ve had in the last couple decades. I never fail to enjoy “Where the Streets Have No Name” or “Beautiful Day.”

  4. Back to The Eagles – I also can’t turn off “Take It Easy” when it comes on. It reminds me that I would find the band a lot more tolerable if there were 50% less Joe Walsh, 96% less Don Henley, 100% less disco and funk vibes (I like that stuff, but not when they do it), and way more sunny-afternoon country-fried goodness. Glenn Frey may have been a mega-jerk but he knew a decent piece of country/pop when he heard one.

    (note – not when he wrote one; that was a Jackson Browne-penned song. Thanks, Wikipedia!)

  5. themcp says:

    Actually, “Take it Easy” is one of those that I switch off almost instantly. Something about it bugs me – it just seems like such a by-the-numbers country-pop song — like it isn’t even trying. There’s the pickup truck. There’s the western city name-drop. There’s the number of women you have slept around with.

    Or it might just be the “looking for a lover who won’t blow my cover” lyric. I’m prejudiced against the use of the “lover/cover” rhyme.

    Sounds like your relationship with U2 is pretty much identical to mine. I some of their songs – and I’m not a Bono-hater. In fact, many of the things that people bitch about Bono are actually things I respect about him. But I would probably only have to take off one glove to name the U2 songs that I really love.

  6. themcp says:

    Actually, only one mitten. Obviously I can count with gloves on, but if I can’t see individual fingers the game is over.

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