Coming soon

1.99 Millers, “Drink Your Way out of This One” – refurbished. (For the six readers of my blog who weren’t actually in the band or sexing up a band member, the Millers were my alt-country/Americana/rock band that put out just one album. But it’s a really, really LONG album.)

Drummer Richard, who didn’t have the benefit of playing on the original recording, is tracking all new drum parts for me – we are six songs in and it’s going surprisingly fast. So no more mechanical-sounding fake-ass sampled drums; now there’ll be the real deal. I’m also remixing everything – removing some noise, making greater use of the stereo channels, and correcting some mixdown errors my then-young-and-naive ears let slide. And I’m remastering as well.  Well, you kinda need to when you remix, I guess, but this time I will be mastering with the fancy software I used on the dancehall remix project; the finished sound should have a lot more life than the original SoundForge Studio hack job I did.

I’m not making new CDs, this will be a digital release only.  And there will be at least one bonus track, which is totally what an album 38 songs deep needs.

Watch here for a download link – it’ll probably be in May.


3 Responses to Coming soon

  1. themcp says:

    This is Great news. I always wanted to hear real drums with that record.

  2. Me too. And soon we’ll have it. So far it’s exceeding my expectations. I’m sure you remember that Richard is one hell of a drummer – he is laying in a lot of grace notes and little details that really fill out the rhythms of the songs. It sounds really good across the board so far, but the uptempo rock songs in particular are much more propulsive.

  3. beetqueen says:

    You guys need to play again. For real. It’s my favorite of all Richard’s bands and the one he played in the least amount of time. Yet another reason to hate Florida.

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