I Ain’t Your Bloggin’ Monkey


I’ve been away.  Now, I’m kinda-sorta back.  Maybe.

Saw this guy play with a friend over the weekend, and it was a pleasant surprise.  When I go see one of this friend’s shows, I tend to expect that all the other acts will be 1. much worse than him, and 2. an assault on my refined tastes and sensibilities.  Maybe I’m a dick or maybe most local acts really do suck – or maybe it’s a little of both, eh?  Anyway, this fella doesn’t suck at all, and it made for a nice evening.

Oh, here’s the hard part: he calls himself Musikanto.  Yeah I know.  His MySpace page claims that’s his last name, in which case I feel for the guy – you can’t have that last name and not use it, if you’re a musician.  If I’d been born Dale Typinfingers, I guarantee you that would be my nom de blog.  Can’t get away from it.

Anyway, enjoy some Musikanto from Chicago.  It’s good rootsy stuff.


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