News break


Writing long, self-indulgent soliloquies on how great I am is a little taxing, as you might imagine.  So today we’re taking a break from that to touch on all the arts and entertainment news that I’ve been ignoring in this space.

1. The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. Get out.  No really, get the hell out.  You’re lying to me.  What year is this?  How many drops of that sleeping potion did I drink?

All football fans should be happy for the Cardinals fanbase right now.  If anyone deserves this, it’s them.  For non-NFL people, this is the football equivalent of the Cubs going back to the World Series, or of season 4 of “Heroes” suddenly and unexpectedly being awesome, and making sense.

And sure, there’s another team playing in the ‘Bowl (the Steely McBeams, I think?) – and sure, that team is probably going to squish the Cards like a real steel beam would squish a real Cardinal.  But still.

2. “Lost” season 5 is almost here! Ah god!  Holy crap!!!  Ahhhhh sweet merciful fuuuuuuck!  …I have nothing intelligent to say.  I’m just kind of excited.  Just have to slog through two more days of work and shitty “Two and a Half Men” re-runs, or whatever is on when “Lost” isn’t.

3. OutKast are supposed to finally get off their asses and release some proper new material. This has been long-blathered-about in the hip hop community.  Big Boi has a solo album in the can, and it’s ostentiously titled “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty.”  (The man does like a pseudonym or two.)  Dre is supposedly working on a solo album also, which is due out in 2009, at some point.  Late ’08 rumors had it coming out by the end of the year, or “early next year” (meaning early this year, meaning… ah, screw it).  My guess is that we’ll be lucky to get it this summer.  And then supposedly a new, true OutKast record will be out in the fourth quarter of 2009 – and my guess about THAT is that we’ll be lucky to get it by NEXT summer.

But hey, this is some kind of news, and at least it appears they’re working on stuff.  I just hope that A. Dre gets back to more rapping, not that his pitch-inconsistent crooning isn’t delightful; and B. all of these releases are a little better and a lot more coherent than “Idlewild,” which was a letdown, if an enjoyable one.


4 Responses to News break

  1. themcp says:

    so… superbowl at your house right?

  2. Gotta talk to Sweaty B ’bout that – traditionally (if one previous instance can be called a tradition), he has hosted the ‘Bowl when the Steelers were involved. But I would like to host. I need to send that cat an e-mail.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure if the fanbase and tradition of the Cubs could be compared to the Cardinals (despite their city of common origin), but as far as the unlikelihood of it happening, I’m on-board.

    That being said, I think the Steelers defense just took over Freddy and the Boogeyman in the nightmares of the sweet and innocent, and supernatural terror is always a great path to victory.

  4. See, I’d liken the Steelers’ D to more a ravenous zombie horde, or a swarm of velociraptors… something like that. If we’re going to pick a Freddy Krueger stand-in, it has to be Larry Fitzgerald. cuz that guy… shudder. I’m glad he’s in on an NFC team. He’s like Randy Moss with more effort, or Steve Smith with more physical skills. Just sick.

    themcp – Super Bowl is going to be at my place. Look for the e-mail soon.

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