“Let the Right One In”

Seriously, do it: let the right one in. The right one is the movie of that title. The time to let it in is right now, or as soon as you can.

This is a beautiful, austere, naturalistic horror/love story.  It’s about the pain and fear and awkwardness of adolescence; about how friendship in that time can act as a life preserver; and about a vampire.  More than that I dare not say.  Just go watch it, while it’s still at your local theater (for us Indianapolis citizens, that would be the Landmark art theater at Keystone at the Crossing).


This is the best horror movie I’ve seen since “The Descent,” and the best arthouse movie I’ve seen since “Synecdoche NY.”  At least one of those statements is supposed to impress you. If you need more convincing, you can find the trailer here – though frankly I recommend seeing the movie with as many of its surprises intact as possible. It’s not exactly full of twists and turns, but nearly everything about it is basically the opposite of whatever you might expect.

I need to sound a final note of warning: apparently Hollywood is remaking this movie.  See the original now before any of its power has been diminished by what will almost certainly be an inferior, damaged copy.  This is akin to getting to see “Spoorloos” before “Jack Bauer in Hollywood’s… The Vanishing! (Now With Happy Ending!)” existed.


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