Atheism: Getting the word out


I’m not sure if I find this hilarious and awesome, or kind of terrifying.  In the wake of controversial books by hardcore atheists like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, Christians have had a lot to say about how atheism is a belief system and a dogma just like their bearded spaceman cult.  I’ve always countered with the obvious objection (lack of belief <> belief).  But if we start doing billboards and saying cutesy shit like “Reason’s greetings!” – I’m not sure it supports my argument.

Ah, fuck it.  Reason’s greetings!


One Response to Atheism: Getting the word out

  1. themcp says:

    these things give me mixed feelings too.

    bumperstickerism isn’t really the direction i like to see this debate go, and increasingly it’s going there with a vengeance. it smells slightly of smarmy self-satisfaction whenever anyone does it on any side of the issue.

    on the other hand, it’s difficult not to want to pick up a sign when a particular crew of theists are busy trying to legislate their beliefs on everybody else.

    it comes down to my discomfort with the idea of people taking pride in their opinions. opinions are a direct result of experiences, so it makes little sense to be proud of them. it isn’t as if you could’ve chosen to have different formative experiences. the world is as you find it. if someone sees evidence for god, and i don’t – one of us must simply be wrong. it may be that you are mistaken, or it could be that i don’t have a key to that particular evidence locker.

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