Lost returning Jan 21

The story.  You may have noticed Jan 21 is a Wednesday – and that, apparently, is the night “Lost” will air this season.


2 Responses to Lost returning Jan 21

  1. Jim says:

    Two comments:

    That week is going to fucking rock. First we get a brand spanking new (black) president on the 20th. Awesome. And then three hours of Lost the VERY NEXT NIGHT!

    Second comment:
    Following the link about Aylesworth in the post you link to will show you this about her character, Amy:

    “In at least four episodes of ABC Studios’ “Lost,” Aylesworth will play Amy, a smart and successful professional woman with a love for the outdoors who is looking for the right man.

    Is she, perhaps, playing a character who is a character on another show and does not understand the plot and premise of the show she recurringly finds herself “on?”

  2. Heh heh. That is a fine question. One would assume that this peculiar character description will make more sense in context. And one would simultaneously hope that “Lost” hasn’t recently hired off the writing staff of “Grey’s Anatomy” or something.

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