Trailer round-up continues


Got a couple more trailers for you today.  First the Lost season 5 promo.  It reveals little but does whet the appetite.  I still hold out hope that Jin is alive, but deep down I know the truth. 

Next, the Bioshock 2 teaser.  Bioshock was a great game, all art deco design and Ayn Rand craziness – under the sea, even – so anticipation for its sequel is high.  This teaser offers no details about the new game really, but it’s the most lyrical videogame trailer I’ve ever seen.  I love that these guys seem to care about delivering a unique sensory experience more than just giving a carnage fix to bloodthirsty gamers.  Bioshock – dare I say it? again? – is that rare game treading gingerly into the realm of art.


2 Responses to Trailer round-up continues

  1. izikavazo says:

    If you’re craving Lost come visit my blog Not Confused Just Lost, here:
    I did a huge analysis on the season 4 finale and I’ve been rewatching all the old episodes over the break.
    Also I have a large collection of theories, check em out here:
    Seeya there,
    – izi
    PS – That Bioshock teaser looks interesting. Unfortunately I still can’t imagine what the game will be like. Hopefully they try some new things, another underwater city would be fun, but I like it when games evolve rather than just clone themselves.

  2. Unfortunately the track record of games cloning themselves rather than evolving is very, very long. Game companies are not big on departing from good money-making formulas. It would be interesting to play through a game series that had a real long-term narrative structure, though, and Bioshock seems like a good starting point for one. Here’s to hoping.

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