The Burrowers trailer

Two of my favorite genres – the Western and the monster movie – meet up in this film, coming soon from Lion’s Gate.  Video quality is a little poor but you get the idea.  I think this looks kind of good – you?  A writer for Ain’t It Cool News saw this at a festival and called it “probably the best American made horror film produced in the last several years.”  I don’t totally trust those guys (they tend to suffer from premature ejaculation syndrome) but I’ll say this – they like and know horror movies.  Cross yer fingers.


2 Responses to The Burrowers trailer

  1. JimPanzee says:

    From what I can tell they’re aiming to be faithful to the sensibilities of both genres and succeeding. The trailer is a little long and has a lot of cut images of people firing guns and screaming which worries me about the creative instincts of the people involved but I place my money on “good”-to-“great.”

    “Looks like you found yerself a hole in the ground.” Yep, good-to-great.

  2. Really that writer should have qualified themselves by stating they think is the most recent greatest horror film. If they were to say Jeepers Creepers I may look for another opinion about this movie.

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