“Lost” drops another bomb of crazy at Comic-Con


First, the link.  This is the season 5 teaser for “Lost” that ran at this year’s Comic-Con, on the heels of last year’s Orchid orientation video.  Quality is shaky and there’s some goofy Comic-Con-related jokiness at the beginning and end, but I know you other Lostphiles will want to watch it anyway.  And then grind your teeth when you remember that we’re still a good five months from the season premiere.

My thoughts on the video:

– This is obviously taking place in the past.  The details given (George W., internet) are unfamiliar to “Marvin Candle” but offered as proof to the viewer that he knows information about the future (or to the viewer, the present).  Also note that he has two real arms, rather than one real and one artificial.  There was conspicuous finger-wiggling.

– Who’s the cameraman?  Sounds a bit like Farraday to me.  Whoever it is, it is quite likely that he time-travelled back from the present day to whatever year he and “Marvin Candle” are in, which is how the poor guy knows about the purge even before it has killed him.  Are we to think that the island and everyone caught in its wormhole went backward in time at the end of season 4?  It would be quite in keeping with the known function of the Orchid.

– The baby is an interesting element.  First of all, this is on the island, where we know fertility has long been a problem.  Was it not a problem back then?  Or is the baby connected more concretely to something else in the show, like Aaron..? 

I give this teaser 4 out of 5 giant smoke monsters.  Consider me teased.


One Response to “Lost” drops another bomb of crazy at Comic-Con

  1. izikavazo says:

    I have a fancy new theory based on that video. I think that Daniel is Charlotte’s father. Come read about it here: http://ncjl.wordpress.com/2008/07/28/ssdc-09-daniel-charlottes-father/

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