“Heroes” fighting outside their weight class


Let me make this as clear as possible, SAT-style:

“Heroes” : “Lost” =

A. Dry beans : baked beans
B. Hulk Hogan : The Incredible Hulk
C. Gobots : Transformers
D. A single with cheese : a Baconator
E. The Patriots in the Super Bowl : the Patriots before the Super Bowl
F. All of the above

Anyway, here’s the new trailer for season 3.  It’s a pretty good trailer, I have to admit.  But what’s going to happen in the actual episodes is probably way too much of Parkman and Mohinder moping, way too little of Kristen Bell – and then a lame-ass showdown in the finale where all the heroes and villains give each other dirty looks, then a CGI explosion happens or something, and then Peter has amnesia again or something and we all die of disinterest.  I’m already disappointed in myself for probably watching a lot of this crap.


2 Responses to “Heroes” fighting outside their weight class

  1. JimPanzee says:

    Mohinder: Sayid :: Pete’s Dragon:Godzilla

  2. Sylar:Ben :: Manson:Hitler

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