Illness, remakes, fuck it


If they find me floating in the river wrapped in plastic like Laura, don’t go looking for a killer.  Somehow, I will have done it to myself.

For one, I am sick today.  I hate being sick; I have no tolerance for it.  I am not a manly man.  I’ll be the first person that ever calls Dr. Kevorkian over a chest cold.  When I’m sick, I’m sure I am perfectly unbearable for all those who cross my path.  Well, fuck ’em, I says… I’m SICK!

cough cough hack.

The other bad bit of news is this.  You can go read it if you want, but there’s not much more information there than this: Michael Bay and co. are remaking “Rosemary’s Baby” now.

That news is so awful, I don’t think it even requires comment.


One Response to Illness, remakes, fuck it

  1. beetqueen says:

    Suck it up ya big baby!

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