Goodies from the underground


Sorry for the two posts in one day thing, but I’m in a hip hop mood, and you should be too.  So let me help with that. 

First of all: the guys in School of Beats are giving away their new album, in download form.  Check it out; this is some pretty amazing and well-made stuff for a group you have undoubtedly never heard of.  I recommend you start with track 2, “Still Here.”

Next: the true heads have been all abuzz over Blu & Exile’s album, “Below the Heavens.”  The buzz is right on: this was the best rap record of 2007.  Amazon has the hookup if you want to hear some of what this sounds like.  Oh, and even though the CD is hard to track down (Blu got royally screwed by whoever is handling his distribution), Amazon also sells the whole album in DRM-free, high quality .mp3 files for only $7.  Consider that a strong endorsement.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I was inspired by this post to add my first non-post content – a sidebar with a few albums I’ve been playing lately, and a brief description of each.  I hope that the people who find my eclectic musical tastes interesting will check it periodically and maybe find something new to listen to.  As such it’s not going to include that new Britney Spears album (which I’ve got on HEAVY rotation, let me tell you) or whatever other well-known music I actually listen to; instead it will focus on stuff around the fringes of the collective consciousness.  So – there’s that.


One Response to Goodies from the underground

  1. themcp says:

    I love the sudden wave of no-DRM music trickling out into the world.

    On the eve of all the music companies tripping over one another to abandon DRM… the media department of the publishing company I work for is having a meeting next week about how we can incorporate it into our digital books. I imagine that we will have about as much success with it as the music industry did.

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