Why is it that everything sucks?

Let’s see:

– The Colts lost a game they really, REALLY should have won.  En route to the upset, the Chargers suffered injuries to every one of their best players, including P. Rivers, L. Tomlinson, and Y. Mom.  (Oh yes, I bring the funny, even when I’m depressed.)  So this weekend, if you can stand to watch any of the AFC Championship game, you will see the Patriots running over the Chargers’ second-stringers and Norv making The Norv Face for about three hours.  Colts fans have suffered here, but more importantly, football fans are going to suffer.  Damn you, Harrison and Clark and Wayne and Keith – hang on to the FUCKING BALL.  Ahem.

– The writers’ strike shows no signs of concluding any time soon.  We’re nearing the premiere date for Lost season 4, and only half of it has been written and filmed.  Listen up, greedy studio honchos: don’t make me get Sayid and show up at your homes with a reasonable new contract for the WGA and a bag full of pliers and needles.  OK? 

– Monday is MLK Day and yet if I want to sit at home playing Halo and eating tacos all day, I have to use up a personal day or my “floating holiday.”  Why does my company hate black people?*

– Real statistics from the city of Indianapolis:

# of Moe’s Southwest Grill locations: 0 (there are one each in Carmel and Fishers, 15-20 minutes from my house)

# of boring old Qdobas: 8

# of quality, independent pizza places: 3

# of Domino’s locations: 17

*shakes fist angrily at city*

OK Diane, I’m done griping.  I’ll return to you in a couple days with some real content.  Just gotta work my way out of this funk first.

* Disclaimer: My company does not hate black people.


One Response to Negativity

  1. beetqueen says:

    If you don’t get MLK day off, I think they might.

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