Tiny news explosions

1. One of our agents in the field reported the following regarding the forthcoming “Christmas Cottage” movie:

The film is part of an intended three-picture deal between Lionsgate and Kinkade. The next two films, also planned with Padalecki as Kinkade, will be based on other paintings and reflect different points in Kinkade’s life.

Yikes!  (And thanks, Jen – now we can all start hording water and batteries in preparation for the impending collapse of civilization!)

2. Said “Christmas Cottage” will also involve Chris Elliot in some way.  Gaaarrrr.  Dummmmoffffllll.  Plop.

3. New Ghostface album fucking rules.  This is not news so much as me telling you The Truth.  Go get it, fellow part-time heads.  Haven’t heard the new Wu yet but hopefully soon.

4. The alleged deal allegedly coming up in the non-alleged writer’s strike was a bunch of crap, and probably a PR move on the part of… somebody.  Eh, who can keep up with all the PR moves.  Anyway, after a week of negotiation, the fatcats walked away from the table without extending any kind of olive branch, and the writers are going to be standing on the sidewalks and depriving us of “Lost” for a while longer.  Suuuuuuuck.


2 Responses to Tiny news explosions

  1. themcp says:

    Chris Elliott? Really?

    Why not just make me a sequel to Cabin Boy instead?

  2. beetqueen says:

    Damn you fatcats! I want my Lost and my Office and my Scrubs. I hate you all and wish you would die (or settle this damn strike and bring good TV back).

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