Thomas Kinkade must be stopped


The apocalypse is upon us.  Personally I hope the movie is just 90 minutes of that animation, with a bittersweet orchestral score swooning lushly back and forth until you cry or your head explodes.

Who else wants to skip this holiday season and get right to next year’s?  Huh?  Heh?  Ho ho ho?


4 Responses to Thomas Kinkade must be stopped

  1. Jen Fu says:

    Apparently, Peter O’Toole is in this movie.

  2. themcp says:

    This has already ruined Christmas for me.

  3. beetqueen says:

    My mother, like all good Christians, is a Thomas Kinkade fan. I often feel the urge to jump off a snow covered bridge in front of a quaint holiday cottage this time of year.

  4. Shae says:

    So my mom says to me recently… “Let me tell you about your Christmas present from [her husband]. It might not be your favorite thing, but just know that I talked him out of the Thomas Kincaid clock.”

    God bless ‘er.

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