Strike updates


I guess we’re doing two-a-days this week.  This one will be quick and without pads, though. 

Ain’t It Cool News has some word-on-the-street strike updates.  “The Office” is closed with all the key actors joining the strike.  “Lost” will probably have to halt production, judging by the news that creator J.J. Abrams is striking, although they reportedly have already filmed half their season.  Tim Kring of “Heroes” has refused to get involved in the rewritten “season ending” mentioned on this blog previously, and rumor is that he has actually quit the series over it – who knows how that will impact the creative energy of a show that is deeply flawed and nosediving in the ratings and on the fan message boards already.  “30 Rock” is a dead man walking; there’s a strong chance it won’t return.

Hope you enjoy this abortive pseudo-season of TV, because it’s shaping up to be an ugly one.


2 Responses to Strike updates

  1. Ryan says:

    The thought that my final season of Battlestar Galactica might be pushed back until 2009 fills me with no end of joy.

  2. JimPanzee says:

    Dear God!!!! Will someone please think of the children!

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