Rockstar are a bunch of… rock stars


Now, this is funny.  (In case you’re not familiar with the background, Jack Thompson is the lawyer who is making a living off suing Rockstar and other game companies that make violent videogames.  He doesn’t win his suits, but he makes a living anyway.)

In other news of the world that relates to the ideas and interests of this blog:

~ The “Near Dark” remake is moving forward and has a director.  So let’s run down the checklist of items that make this movie EXTREMELY REALLY SUPER-PROMISING!, shall we?  Director with no feature films but plenty of average music videos under his belt?  Check!  No Lance Henrikson?  Check!  No Tangerine Dream soundtrack?  Check!  Well-regarded and surprisingly timeless movie being remade just for an easy cash-in?  Check!  Yes, this one promises to be a winner.  I imagine the scene where Bill Paxton slashed a bartender’s throat with his spur will now be played by the famous naked bassist from Fallout Boy, and instead of a spur it will be a large knife that pops out of a mechanical sheath in the sole of his boot, and instead of a regular old shot it will feature eighteen jump cuts and grainy, desaturated film stock to make it awesome.  Which it will be.  Extra, extra awesome.

~ The NFL has swept the Patriots cheating scandal under the rug.  Not too surprising.  In the aftermath of Cameragate (can we retire that -gate thing yet?) public opinion was split down the middle between a shrug and a moralistic finger-wagging.  Mr. Easterbrook (linked above) takes the latter route, none too surprisingly.  My analysis is that both reactions are appropriate depending on your perspective, and that’s why the league is taking care of it.  The Patriots are not an isolated example of going around league rules, and the NFL knows this and is trying to prevent it from turning into a feeding frenzy – like what has happened to Major League Baseball in the last few years, post-federal inquiry and post-Jose Canseco book.  So if you think this isn’t such a big deal because everyone does it, you’re right.  But if you think it IS a big deal BECAUSE everyone does it, you’re also right.  Figure that one out.  The integrity of the NFL has taken a hit, but they’re hoping if they put a bullet in its head real quick-like that we’ll just skip the funeral and pretend it didn’t happen.  And they’re probably right.  We Americans like to look the other way on scandals that reflect badly on our favorite institutions.  (Myself included.)

~ Halo 3 came out and it’s getting mixed but mostly positive reviews.  It won’t save the world but some features (like the map editor Forge mode) are forward-thinking, almost revolutionary for a console game as popular as Halo is.  My main gripe is, it should have shipped with at least 2-3 more multiplayer maps.  Bad Bungie.  Otherwise the game is moderately-upgraded more-of-same.  Which is pretty standard for any major franchise, unless your title involves the phrase “phantom menace” in any capacity.

~ Rapper Saigon finally gets a release date for his long, long, loooonnnngggg delayed debut album, “The Greatest Story Never Told.”  This is in I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it status for hip hop fans.  It’s just a couple degrees shy of “Chinese Democracy” status at this point.


4 Responses to Rockstar are a bunch of… rock stars

  1. Ryan says:

    1. No Lance Henriksen is a common mistake made by a great many movies, not just remakes of his movies.

    2. Dude, the Saigon release is just living up to its name.

  2. kit-chen says:

    They actually put him in the first mission where you have to use deadly force.

    Does that make him #1 on the enemies list or last?

    Did you hear about this story about our favorite crazy lawyer?

  3. kit-chen says:

    Also, Chinese Democracy is The Greatest Story Never Told are both clearly purposeful joke titles. Right?

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