Amoebas will eat your brain


Sorry for my laziness this week.  I try to compensate by linking you to this utterly horrifying little blob of pseudo-news.

Enjoy your weekend – and stay out of lakes.


3 Responses to Amoebas will eat your brain

  1. JimPanzee says:

    geezuhs cuhraist…please never post of this again.

  2. beetqueen says:

    Richard was just telling me about this the other day. I’d actually heard of it before. I thought back on all those times my dad took me swimming in lakes as a kid because we were too poor to live anywhere that had a real pool and too far away from an ocean.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey, remember that “water park” on the outskirts of Marion?

    Not the Aquadome, the one with the water slide.

    Yeah, my dad said there was toxic dumping near there, too. I guess that’s what killed the amoebas.

    Or maybe not. Have a good night.

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