Pursuant to the recent discussion of animal warfare, we have a new entry: half a dozen lions vs. two alligators vs. a herd of buffalo.  It appears the buffalo win.


2 Responses to Addendum

  1. gin rickey says:

    not really a fair fight. my favorite part was the one lion who saw all the buffalo approaching and said, “i’m outta here” and took off immediately.
    when i taught at the middle school one of our reading assignments was the most dangerous animals in africa (to hunt of course – hehe, what are we teaching these kids – I of course brought in the Richard Connell afterwards).
    I guess the Cape Buffalo was second only to the Panther.
    The others that made the list were the Lion, the Elephant, and the Rhinoceros.
    I guess the Elephant is tough skinned but can be outwitted.
    You can throw rocks at a Lion (it really pisses them off) and then you shoot them.
    And you can dodge a Rhino. Since they have that frickin’ horn on their head (Rhinoceros means nosehorn or something in greek) they can’t see when they charge and they run in a straight line. So you can just step out of the way (at the last second mind you) and shoot them in the arse.
    Panthers suck to hunt because they frickin’ enjoy it – they look forward to it! They wear their red hats backward and go a people huntin’. Plus they’re built like a running back.

  2. William Tell says:

    Man, not one of them stands a chance to a Swiss with a crossbow.

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