A flatulent blast of old news


I apologize for the lateness of this missive – I realize I am hopelessly behind the times.  But there’s a very real possibility that we have entered a new golden age of horror comedies.  (The previous one being 1985 – 1992, a period that gave us “Re-animator,” “Return of the Living Dead,” “Bad Taste,” “Evil Dead II,” “Bride of Re-animator,” and “Dead Alive,” and if you count it, “Gremlins 2” – what heady times those were!)

This latest era naturally began with “Shaun of the Dead,” and may well have ended there, if it weren’t for these two potential gems:


This trailer is for a movie called “Fido,” which can best be described as “Pleasantville” meets “Lassie” but with zombies.  That was probably the actual pitch.  This is a funny trailer and the early reviews have ranged from highly enthusiastic to generally pleasant. 

But the true genius is here:


It’s called “Black Sheep.”  And you know what, I’m not going to give it away; just go watch it.  For a certain type of dorky individual, this might be the funniest trailer of all time.


3 Responses to A flatulent blast of old news

  1. Jen Fu says:

    One of the reviews on rotten tomatoes says

    “There is no such thing as an unfunny cutaway to a sheep.”

  2. specialagentdalecooper says:

    That’s correct, and in the same vein as “There’s no such thing as bad press” and “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” If Spinoza was still around and decided to write another tedious proof about how everything is one big substance, he’d probably start by declaring the preceding statements to be axioms. And he still wouldn’t come up with anything as funny as the Leibniz monad (or a cutaway to a sheep).

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